Wiltshire - Carpet Types

Nothing can compare to that feeling of a soft, luxurious carpet under your feet. Or, indeed that lovely, special smell of freshly fitted carpet in your home. Carpets can provide a comfortable area for children to play and add a touch of safety and warmth to any room. With so many different types of carpet, including colours, textiles and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the best carpet for your home. Thats why we have put all of our carpet types in to 5 different categories for you.

Twist Pile Carpets

Also known as 'Twist Carpets', they are one of the most popular carpets found in UK homes. They are created from yarn, which has been tightly twisted together and heated up so that the carpet has a memory to stand upright. They come in plain or heathered styles and they are ideal for heavily used areas.

Saxony Carpets

Also known as Saxony Carpets, deep-pile carpets are a popular choice for bedrooms and lounges, they are similar in construction to a twist pile, but have longer tufts giving it a more gentle, softer feeling underfoot and a more luxurious look.

Berber Carpets

Also known as berber or looped pile carpets. These are made from continuous loops on the surface. Berber carpets can be looped with a continuous shorter pile, which is great for maintaining its appearance and durability, or have loops of different heights to create a textured feeling.

Stripey & Patterned

Stripey & Patterned Carpets are a popular choice. They are hard wearing and and give you an amazing, striking look.  Patterned carpets are available in a variety of different materials and textures.

Wool Carpets

For the ultimate in comfort and luxury, wool is the perfect choice. Wool is durable, resilient, affords comfort and safety - and wool is a renewable resource! Wool fibres are naturally superior to synthetic fibres as well as longer lasting, inherently flame retardant and resistant to dirt and crushing.

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