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There is no feeling quite like that of having a carpet under your feet. Being able to go barefoot on your own home and feeling, with every step you take, the soft touch of a properly fitted carpet on your toes is the stuff of dreams. Having a carpet flooring that not only looks but feels excellent is not an easy task, though. There is a lot that goes into fitting a carpet, so much so that we may even call it art. Swindon carpet fitters can be artists as well, and at Avana Flooring there are the best artists of them all.

The art of carpet fitting, like most art, requires not only the best execution, but the best planning as well. It requires that it is done by experienced and creative artists who can solve difficult situations with ingenuity, and it must be done with the proper tools for the job.

Before a fitting can be started, the very first thing that must be done is choosing the correct carpet for your home. Nowadays there is a plethora of types of carpets, including different colours, textiles and designs, but to make decisions easier they can be categorized into Twist Pile carpets, Saxony carpets, Berber carpets, Stripey & Patterned and Wool carpets, each with their own characteristics and advantages over the rest. Choosing a quality carpet from a recommended carpet supplier is fundamental.

After this, measurements need to be taken from all surfaces to be carpeted. This can be simple or complicated, depending on many aspects such as the geometry of the floor plans, and the different corners and nooks one house may have, as well as chimney breasts, recesses and such. No matter the difficulty, this process is extremely important and needs to be done as perfectly as possible in order to have the correct amount of material when doing the fitting.

Other steps to take into account before starting the actual fitting include removing old carpets, preparing the floor and sub-floor (which can make or break the final product of the process) as well as fitting carpet grippers and underlays. The latter are an integral part that can shape how your flooring feels and looks, as well as ensure the carpet has got a long life.

Finally, the actual fitting of the carpet takes place. The most important tool for this job is the carpet stretcher, which accomplishes the task of tensing the carpet along the whole floor to give it the proper feel carpet flooring needs to be considered a correct fit. When this process is not done correctly it can cause the carpet to become loose after a short time, which would be terrible.

As can be evidenced, carpet fitting is an art that needs to be performed by expert artisans with the correct tools, and the knowledge and skill that only comes with experience. When looking for a Swindon carpet fitter, carpet supplier and a quality carpet, you cannot go wrong with Avana Flooring.