Swindon Vinyl | Avana Flooring

In the past, flooring used to be very complicated and made out of difficult materials to work with. If you look at the floors on ancient homes or castles you will see stone or granite. That type of flooring was made to be durable, though perhaps not very fashionable. Nowadays we still have durable materials to work with such as concrete or tile flooring, but neither are a breeze to maintain. A very much modern material has come to change all of that: vinyl. Considering getting the best Swindon vinyl flooring? Here are some pros and cons.

Vinyl is, without a doubt, really good looking. It can take the shape of wood planks or stone tiles, and there are lots of lovely and crazy abstract patterns that can be achieved by using vinyl. On the other hand, it is also much, much cheaper than most other materials, as it so often happens with plastic. This can really make a difference in the long run if there ever appears the need to repair or replace parts of your flooring; due to the flexibility of the material, you can simply cut out the part you need replaced and then fit in the replacement. Besides this, there are really not many things that will damage your vinyl flooring aside from the most hazardous of chemicals. Most stains and spills are easy to remove with simple cleaning products: water, detergent, and a bit of effort. A daily sweep or vacuuming will be enough to clean and maintain vinyl flooring. Another big advantage of this type of floor is that it is water resistant, and in some cases it can even be water proof, which means it is very appropriate for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms susceptible to moisture and humidity.

Vinyl flooring proves itself to be very comfortable to walk on, it is an inexpensive material, very easy to clean and maintain, and will look stupendous on any type of home design. There are some disadvantages to take into account when choosing vinyl flooring, such as it being a material that can be light sensitive so, in the long run, there may be a potential fading of colours, as well as it being a PVC based material some people may react negatively to it. And of course, even though vinyl can look the part, the material cannot be compared one-on-one to actual wood or mineral based flooring in its life span and durability. However, when taking into account everything cost-related, such as price for vinyl, the cost of installation and of maintenance, it is one’s wallet that will be the most satisfied about choosing Swindon vinyl flooring.